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Cows and Services

Replacement Heifers
   We all know that you want to keep a heifer that will make a good momma cow. Of course, who really knows what type of history a replacement heifer will make one day because many times those we have kept have ended up open or just did not fit our program two years later. One way Cleveland Land and Cattle... Read More

Brood Herd

    Generally speaking, we try to keep 400 brood cows on hand year round. Because of our strict culling requirements, this requires us to keep approximately 50-60 replacement heifers each year. Recently we have begun... Read More

Custom Weaning and Backgrounding

  A unique service Cleveland Land and Cattle can provide is that of custom weaning and backgrounding. Our main objective is to first teach the cattle how to eat from feed bunks and drink from troughs. As a general rule, these cattle will be heading out west to a big feed lot and they must be... Read More