Family of Farmers
    Cleveland Land and Cattle Co. LLC. was 

on April 11, 2005 in Autauga County, Alabama.

Prior to that date there was already a long history

of this farm being involved in agriculture. Chip

Cleveland, as the managing member, is the

grandson of Edward Wadsworth, a true

cattleman. Edward and his two brothers farmed

3300 acres of land in Autauga County. These

three brothers fought the Great Depression together and many adversaries, such as the boll weevil. They ultimately persevered and their farm, knows as the the Wadsworth Brothers, became a showcase for all to admire and Auburn University as well, called upon the three of them for guidance. Dr. Ronald Henderson, owner of Twin Valley Farms, commissioned an author to write a book about these three brothers, titled "Wadsworth Flats: The Story of Three Remarkable Brothers". This book is a must read for any person involved in the world of agriculture.

Family and Friends

A New Beginning

                                                    Taking what he learned from his grandfather Edward, affectionately

                                                 known as "Papa", and his own father Clifford, affectionately known as

                                                "Big C", Chip has had the ability to learn a lot about farming and even

         m                                    more about cattle as he has grown Cleveland Land and Cattle since

                                                 the year 2005. The strides this cattle operation has made, can never 

                                                 be attributed to the hard work and dedication of just the managing

                                                 member. Many people have played a role in the success of this farm.

                                                 Most importantly is the role of Chip's wife, Kayla, who has supported

                                                 this wild hair idea that investing in a farm is a wise investment. Both

                                                 Chip and Kayla have jobs in town which is one reason why they are

                                                 able to farm this day and time. Those farmers who only earn a living off the farm without any supplemental income are the real heroes of our agricultural society.

Farming Family
   Not only has Cleveland Land and Cattle, been

blessed with an understanding wife and partner,

but two young men have as well played a role in

farming operation. They are Jake and Ford, the

two sons of Chip and Kayla. It can be honestly

said that as teenagers, they were not really

excited about working cattle in the very early

morning hours, or painting gates when it was 95

degrees and the humidity was off the charts, but

the boys have learned as to why this world is a

practical world and that through hard work, one will always persevere. Now at this time Ford is in highschool and Jake is attending Auburn university. They both talk about the desire to come back to the farm, so another goal of life has been accomplished by Chip.

    Equally important in this entire farming operation is Chip's mother, Dene, in that as the daughter of Edward Wadsworth, she has always encouraged Chip and Kayla in their farming endeavors. She inherited land from her father and in return has allowed Cleveland Land and Cattle to operate upon it with no restrictions. This farm mainly focuses on cattle, which means a lot of hay is grown and winter crops planted to sustain the daily operations. In all, about 2000 acres of land are utilized for the farming operation and those areas which are not able to be used for grazing cattle, are maintained for the benefit of wildlife. There are many food plots planted year round for the wildlife and a favorite pastime with friends and family of the Clevelands is to enjoy the great wonders found outdoors that our Lord has so kindly blessed us with since the very beginning.

Farm Employees
                                                                  From day one, Kayla only agreed to marry Chip if he

                                                               promised to make sure his friend and farm manager, Richard

                                                               Pittman, remained on board. Thank goodness he did,

                                                               because without Richard, it would be very difficult for Chip's

                                                               goal to raise cattle to ever be achieved, and more importantly,

                                                               even more difficult to keep Kayla around if Chip had to work

                                                               in town and on the farm when not occupied with his first job.

                                                               Richard is happily married and the proud father of five

                                                               children. These children as well, have worked on the farm and

                                                               you never know who really is coming or going because all the

                                                              children always seem to want to come back home to the farm.

                                                              Richard came on board in 2006 and has been a vital part of

                                                              the operation since day one. Before becoming the farm manager of cleveland and Cattle, he was an employee of Twin Valley Farms for 16 years, and has been educated by some of the greatest cattleman in the southeast. His knowledge and experience make him a key asset to this cattle operation and not only is he considered to be a friend, but also a family member as well.

Recreational Fun
    For reasons unknown to Chip, his wife insists on

owning at least a horse or two. Many of the

photographs you will see contain depictions of the

horses and the many horse trails which Chip labels

as such so as to convince Kayla of the need for

there to be a full time bulldozer on the farm. One

of the favorite pastimes of the Cleveland family, is

to ride in the Ranger on Sunday afternoons, to

check on the farm and take with them their trusted

dog companions, Tiny and Duke. This ritual has even

involved their niece and nephew. So if you ever are in

Autauga County, Alabama and happen to come to

Cleveland and Cattle one Sunday afternoon, there is no

telling who you may see occupied in that Ranger. Feel

free to visit us and ask for a tour of the farm at any time. We will show you our working facility, which includes a 20k pound scale, state certified, many of the feed barns, our 400 head brood herd, along with many potential replacement heifers, and our custom weining/backgrounding operation. We are truly a cow/calf operation who is interested in growing better beef.

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