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                                                                       A unique service Cleveland Land and Cattle can provide

                                                                   is that of custom weaning and backgrounding. Our main

                                                                   objective is to first teach the cattle how to eat from feed

                                                                   bunks and drink from troughs. As a general rule, these

                                                                   cattle will be heading out west to a big feed lot and they

                                                                   must be trained to survive in that type of environment.

                                                                   By no means is our farm a feed lot, and we do not claim

                                                                   to be, but we are small enough to keep grass under their

                                                                   feet and fresh water in front of them at all times, along

                                                                   with easy access to the feed.

Custom Weaning and Backgrounding

                                                                                    Most of the cattle weaned and or backgrounded

                                                                                 by Cleveland Land and Cattle are only kept on the

                                                                                 premises for around 60 days. There have been

                                                                                 some customers that only requested 45 days of

                                                                                 this special service while some customers have

                                                                                 requested that we keep their cattle for 5-6

                                                                                 months. There are many options and many

                                                                                 different ways to handle these options, so let

                                                                                 Cleveland Land and Cattle be an option for you.

    Upon delivery, the calves are given the

appropriate shots and ear tags if they do not

already have such. We prefer to do what is called a

"pen run" some 7 to 10 days later, which will include

a second round of vaccinations. This gives us a

chance to really have a hands on approach to

checking on these cattle. They are then put in traps

about 3-4 acres in size for approximately 10 to 14

days, and once there appear to be no problems, they are then put into even bigger traps. These cattle are checked on by the employees at the direction of Richard on a daily basis. Yes, that means even on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, these cattle are fed and inspected. If an animal is sick, they are eased up to the working facility, and doctored accordingly.